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Selection and Evaluation
  • Selection and Evaluation

    Recruiting and Selection.

    Our organization is devoted to the detection, selection, and development of talent and key personnel for our clients. We provide support for the definition of position profiles and associated competencies, based on the characteristics of the organizational structure and culture.


    Middle Management & Professionals

    Advice has a specialized department for the search and selection of candidates for Middle Management positions: Coordinators, Supervisors and Chiefs.


    Advice Digital & IT

    Digital world is changing the way we live, how we work and in which way business are organized.


    Advice Health & Pharma

    The quality of the service is intimately linked to the health professional.


    Pre-employment Psychological Evaluations

    Pre-employment psychological evaluations are a useful tool to assess salient personality features, and are the ideal complement of a good personnel selection process.


    Recruiting Media

    We provide specialized professional solutions for planning, designing, purchasing, and publishing recruitment ads in the media. This is aimed at providing benefits to companies that need to use communication media for recruiting, with a highly specialized, fast, and effective service.


    Employer Brand

    A job advertisement is not just an ad. It is an opportunity to build and disseminate your employer brand image and attract the talent you need. Building a reputation to create an employer brand involves two interrelated dimensions:


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